Words and phrases you never try to use when writing your resume


Writing a CV is difficult, and chances are that your CV will go through a tracking system to determine whether it contains the right keywords before you upgrade to the hiring manager’s office. But suppose you passed this test and your CV is awaiting review, here are some possibilities either to schedule an interview, receive a thank you for email, or you only find no recognition at all, and it may be the reason for the last possibility the words or phrases you used in your resume.

Here are some words or phrases that need to be eliminated when writing your resume.

Avoid annoying clichés and clichés
The Google Dictionary defines the word “cliché” as “an overused phrase or opinion, wrong in communicating the original thought.” Of course, the last thing you want to present in a document aimed at dazzling the employer is the lack of original thought.

Over-show you’re the best
If you’ve won the record prize and recently recorded a prestigious win, of course you’re trying by all means to use this win to enhance your CV, and you’re repeating it again and again while writing your resume. However, thirty-eight percent of employers who surveyed the CareerBuilder employment site believe that it should be reduced in your CV immediately.

Thinking outside the box.
If there are some exaggerations in your use of the expression that you’re a creative thinker with the phrase “Think outside the box,” that’s one of the things that makes a manager laugh about this, or at least doesn’t pay any attention to your resume.

Show that you’re the one who’s the one for everyone.
You want to show your employer that your colleagues trust your answers and count on your opinion a lot. Unfortunately, using this queer phrase “Go-to person” makes you look like a source of old collectibles that are totally useless.

The fastest and brightest
Of course, you have to prove through your CV that you are the fastest and brightest person, and to put the term “Track record”, but putting such an expression on your resume is not a good thing, and in order to show that you can follow any other means or use a better term.

The term “all beneficiary”
In his autobiography, someone writes the term “win-win”, which means that everyone is a beneficiary if given the job. Leave this term permanent, and never use it when writing your resume, no employer wants to appear to be the biggest beneficiary of hiring an employee.

Hateful buzzwords

Unfortunately, there are a number of words and phrases that are widespread, and you can find yourself adding them to your resume without thinking. It must be time to send these brutal rhetoric to the pastures, and never think about using them.

We bet that not even one person can be found defending the use of the term “Synergy” in business culture, but it is welcome to try, twenty-two percent of the participants in the “CareerBuilder” poll classify the term

Use the word “Action” as an act
Although verbs describe the verb, the word “action” itself is used as a name, and cannot be used as an act otherwise it violates the composition of the sentence.

Effective or dynamic
Do not use wrong words, dynamic word used with solid solid objects, and refers to a force that stimulates change or progress, or a system or process characterized by continuous progress and change. All these things are good but this word “Dynamic” is not so good that these days it has become a red sign that you can’t think of a better way to express yourself.

Try to show yourself at the expense of the team
You may want to show that you alone have led the project in the most positive direction, but if you say that the changes your team has made have been unsuccessful, you may find hiring managers tough and firm rather than encouraging.

Intellectual leadership
Of course, hiring managers are looking for people with reliable and influential ideas, but if you use a buzzword like “thought leader” to describe yourself, it’s likely to translate into a lack of vision rather than showing you better.


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