Why is technology important in business?


 The concept of technology is important in business. It is a concept that is so vast that it refers to many scientific and academic branches, including:

applied technology, data technology, biotechnology, etc. Definition of technology as the process that a person conducts in order to achieve modernization in nature to meet his requirements And meet his needs. The great majority of people believe that technology is everything that a person does, which is the wealth of his genius, his proficiency and his superiority as (the computer in all its programs

And other tools that point to technology important in business. This is a misconception, because technology goes through the meaning of tangible goods because it contains the various forms of infrastructure that are essential to the industry, design, repair and operation of various innovations

 The theme of expression of Arabic language our identity in the elements Subject Expression of the virtue of science and scientists elements and ideas the subject of the expression of useful science and the progress of society elements

as well as the various technologies important in business and skills used to find everything that is modern and then run – engineering skills, technology and technical heterogeneous and experts Industry – is one of the components of technology and hence the technology is the product of science and engineering, in addition to being a study of the natural world

 The technology has a great impact on the society in all its members and categories. There is no doubt that technology is important in business, which is divided between positive and negative effects. Its impact is on how the person uses the positive impact of technology on society. : Facilitating and facilitating the daily life of people; a person can accomplish many things in a time and effort, with great speed

 Many of the people’s actions, movements, orientations, financial and government transactions, education, research, follow-up of news and events and many details of technology important in business were facilitated by a technique they would not have done if technology was not important in business.

Convergence of peoples and the shortening of distances between them

Technology has helped to make the world appear as a small village, in the acquaintance of people without the need to travel, making connections and friendships that are not similar to the regions of the world

To modify the culture of people and expand their perceptions

 And keep them following the events of the world without any excuses between them and other communities. The negative impact of technology on society:

 Reduction of physical cover-up between people; Telephonic and text messages were effectively masked, resulting in a radical shift in the concept of technology important in business and family cohesion on support and support. Alvin Toffler wrote in his third wave: “Civilization has brought us a new family style, changed the ways of work, love and living, and a recent investment has led to modern political problems

 The proliferation of books, newspapers and digital magazines, and the replacement of the traditional media headquarters, affecting the ways of expression and writing.

 A life-saving exaggeration has become necessary to acquire and acquire a person, which costs people a new load to save that technology. In the past, it was not necessary for the family to acquire television and home-based technology, but no family could the most important points of the subject of the expression of technology in Arabic

 The demand for electrical power has been overstated; most of the technology equipment works only with electric power, which has introduced communities into new patterns of consumption.

 The spread of technology has led to the saving of materials that expose hardness among people in societies, whether serials or electronic games for adults and children

 Young people are greatly influenced by technology important in business and cartoon series that display severances directly or indirectly, which affects their behavior. The alienation of people from society; which they wish to isolate from their community. See also: The theme of the expression of tourist attractions in Egypt with elements and ideas Negatives and advantages of technology

 Cons of technology

 Addiction to the Internet, where the number of users of technology important in business days after the day, many of them to the stage of addiction to use; causing them a lot of family problems, health and community

 Facilitating the way in the face of those who want to practice technology as important as drug addiction

 It isolates them from people and makes them escape from the real reality and creates a virtual reality that increases the person’s life and complicates it in innumerable problems

 Disruption of the potential of the mind; even if the dependence of the human on the equipment of computer technology, the less the use of his mind and memory; which will paralyze the ability to technology important in business and disable the possibilities of mind in advanced periods

 The advantages of technology important in business

 The development of people’s capabilities through the provision of different means of tariff, such as language learning, and the learning of design programs, for example

The convergence of views and views; through the provision of technology for community communication; which has participated tremendously in the recognition and thinking of other technologies and thinking, and increases their experience, knowledge and the way they deal with problems.

 Modifying aspects of investment, medicine and education which positively affects technology in business and its architecture


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