what is the best practice?

Best Practice

After discussing what best practice in the Internet is in a previous article, we are reviewing best practices in planning and implementing these projects, drawing on the Iota Analytics report

The report shows that the Internet is moving to the highest levels in the world. What is best practice is what the best practice is. The projects that have been implemented in the past three years reached 7,700 projects, about 50% of which were implemented or started By the last world, this is the best practice showing the rapid development of these technologies around the world

Suppose a shopping center wants to reduce the cost of electricity consumption and what is best practice is to balance consumption by giving alerts to users on the network in the center to regulate their energy consumption to ensure that what is best practice times is not high and to benefit from low peak times, Work with solar energy solutions in the center, which also change according to the seasons and according to the daytime

A general perception of what is best practice

In the initial perception of what is best practice, it is clear that the system requires a tool to measure the use of electricity (electricity hours) that sends this information to a router, sends the gateway through a network to the servers in the services that study what is best practice and compare it with information Historically, analytical algorithms are used to understand the patterns of consumption. In turn, when the data is transmitted by the network, it sends them to load controllers, user profiles

And real-time changes to ensure that commands or problems are executed and sent to what is best practice the vessels, as the system provides information from the public and private electricity network center, such as solar panels

How can engineers design and implement this solution? According to what is best practice today, we need to focus on two main things. The first is the structure of the system, which consists of five layers, as we shall see, and the other is planning what stages of execution, which will also consist of five basic stages

To begin with the structure of what is best practice, best practices speak about system design in five basic layers: equipment, communications, cloud services, applications and security

What is best practice?

The following is a brief explanation of each layer


 In the equipment layer there are 3 types of what is best practice: first is the smart device and it has a processor, operating system and specialized hardware for the task assigned (for example, a smart washing machine for clothes).

Simple devices

 It contains what is best practice or controllers with a function that has hardware and special software such as and the third is the advanced gate called Edge Gateway, an advanced router that has been added to storage, computing and analysis features


 This layer contains the network connectivity between what is best practice and the Internet, via Wi-Fi and LAN for offices and homes or LPWAN in Arabic. The wide area network is low-voltage, which is a wide area at the city level, has high speed and packet transmission Data and low voltage

Cloud services

Including what is best practice services to be planned or purchased, storage and equipment management services and event management services (required: dispatch, operation, shutdown, etc.), simple analysis, and finally what is best practice, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


The application layer contains software that will show Visualization and Business Integration software with Business System Integration and a development environment to write what is best practice and converts the software to executable files in the system

Layer 5: Security: This layer contains hardware and software to maintain the security of the system are four: the protection of hardware and hardware management software on hardware, software encryption data and communications from the sender to the receiver along the line E2E, management of the privacy of users of the system and their movements and communications, For user identities and managing access to the system and its functions


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