What happens if humans disappear from the face of the earth????


What happens if humans disappear from the face of the earth????

Have you ever thought about what would happen if humans disappeared from the face of the earth????
There are those who thought and created these results.

From the very moment humans disappeared, 200,000 years later, the answer sounds terrible, of course, but. Is it really bad?

The Times of London answered this question with a graph showing what would happen if humans disappeared,
And I think you’ll come out after him by concluding that the best thing that can happen to this planet is that humans actually disappear from it at the very moment humans disappear,
Most endangered organisms will begin to return to their natural levels,
And in 24 to 48 hours, the light pollution will end,
After three months, air pollution will begin to decline,
After 10 years, methane will disappear from the atmosphere,
After 20 years, plants and forests will creep into villages and rural roads,
After 50 years, the world’s fish stocks will recover,
The rate of nitrates and salt in fresh water will be reduced.
In the 50 to 100 years since the disappearance of humans, forests and plants will creep into cities and roads,
Then the wooden buildings will collapse after 100 years,
What happens if humans disappear from the face of the earth????

In 100 to 200 years, bridges will collapse,
After 200 years, glass and metal buildings will collapse,
After 250 years, the dams will collapse,
After 500 years, corals will return to normal levels.
After 1,000 years, most buildings made of cement, stone and brick will disappear and the carbon content in the atmosphere will return to normal pre-industrial levels,
In 50,000 years, most of the glass and plastic on the planet will decompose,
Then after 50,000 years most of the traces of human existence on Earth will disappear,
But some of the chemical waste sought by man will remain, which will disappear after 200,000 years, and nuclear waste will remain deadly and will exist for nearly 2 million years.


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