What are the most wanted jobs in the world?


most wanted jobs in the world All people are looking for the ideal job, which guarantees them a decent life and a good life, where one gets confused in which direction to go when it comes to his career, and which jobs provide a better future, and in the following we offer you the most wanted jobs in the world in 2020:

Most wanted jobs in the world


Although marketing is an essential function now in all companies and institutions, the importance of marketing will increase more and more during the coming years, so marketing experts have a brilliant future because in the coming years large and small companies will need marketing experts to be aware of the state of the market and to build strategies Marketing.

Director general:

The general administration is considered one of the most important jobs in all types of establishments, whatever the nature of its work, because it contributes to providing the necessary control over the work. Work relationship, and participates in determining the policy of the institution, and the salary is estimated at 97 thousand dollars.

Information Security Analyst:

The field of information security is a wide field, and it includes many skills, requires a lot of study and effort, and everything depends on the basics, and his salary is 90 thousand dollars.

financial consultant:

It plays a vital role in analyzing the strength of companies, while explaining the opportunities for their growth and profit, and what activity the company launched after its establishment, and did this enhance the chances of its profit? In addition to the licenses and approvals it obtained, it also sets a future financial plan for it with expectations of increasing its annual profits, the real value of the share, and ways to improve it, and sets a perception of the adequacy of the company’s financial resources to achieve its strategic plan, and amounts to $ 89,000.

natural therapy:

Physiotherapy is a health care profession, and it provides services to individuals in order to maintain movement, develop it, and restore it to the maximum and functional capacity in all stages of life. Physiotherapy is concerned with identifying and improving the quality of life and mobility within the areas of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation, and the amount received by the individual in that profession is 84 one thousand dollars.


Programming is one of the 10 most important jobs the world needs in the coming years. It is a set of commands and instructions directed to the computer that are translated and implemented. The programming process has many languages ​​used through the programmer, including C Plus, Java, Python, and css. And the HTML language, and programming is used in creating and designing a website, developing and programming web applications, and developing programs and it has many uses, so it will be one of the most important jobs in the future where the person who works in this job will be responsible for assessing scientific needs and determining the necessary programs and applications.

Alternative Energy

In the near future, alternative energy will replace fuel because it is less harmful. It depends mainly on natural resources and has many advantages to be the leader in the future. Therefore, most people will form companies that convert electrical energy into solar energy that is used in homes, factories and universities.

3D printing

3D printing is faster and easier than the existing printing, as it allows the ability to print interlocking and complex parts. This will make it a pioneer in the future. 3D printing will dominate the job market because of its many advantages.

online education

One of the modern teaching methods is not a requirement for the teacher to be in the place of students in order to give the lecture, future teachers and professors must deal with modern technologies in order to be able to provide lectures remotely, because distance education will be among the 10 most important jobs the world needs in the coming years.


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