Top 17 Advice to sell your home fast and easily


Tips to sell your home fast

1. Improving the appearance of the house

It is well known that the first impression lasts and therefore the front of your home is very important. The front garden must be maintained and the paint of the doors and window frames must be modern if necessary. If you live in an apartment, the door of the apartment must be newly painted, and if you can put a decorative plant, your apartment will be better.

2. House cleaning

The house likes to be 100% clean – some might say that “buyers are curious” – after all buyers have a right to be – because they are about to give up the hard-earned money and get a long-term mortgage to buy your home. The last thing they want to face is that the kitchen cabinets are dirty and the carpets have a lot of dirt and dust. Remember that buyers are trying to visualize themselves living in your property. Make sure your home is clean from the inside.

3. Don’t impose your personality

Do not put your touch and do not impose your personality when offering your home for sale, for example you should remove all personal photos and university certificates and appreciation or anything indicating the owner of the house, the potential buyer wants to make sure that he will buy the house of his dreams do not remind him of your personal belongings it is your home.

And some people paint the walls in colors and strange drawings, when displaying a house for sale with these specifications, any potential buyer will put in his account that it will cost the cost of repainting the walls in normal colors suitable for him, it is always better when offering a house for sale that the color of paint is suitable and non-sudden so that the buyer does not have to repaint it again.

4. Showing the features of your home

You should show the hospitality of the potential buyer when he comes to see your home by offering some cakes, and the smell of the rooms should be good and beautiful so some people resort to perfumeor or musk and incense, and always remember to pay special attention to the smell and cleanliness of the bathroom and kitchen.

After following these steps and tips you can tell the buyer the added value of your home, and the added value means to tell him what distinguishes your home from other houses, the added value has a big impact on the price that any seller wants the buyer to pay as a price for his home.

* How does my home compare to these houses in terms of price and attractiveness?

* Will I need to lower the price of my house to compete with other houses that outperform it in features and possibilities?

6. Compare Your Home

You should compare your home with other houses, for example, your home 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and living room compare it with other houses with the same specifications in the same area in order to get the expected sale price for your home.

7. Pricing your home

When determining the expected price of the sale of the house, some experts tend if, for example, if the value of the house is $405,000, they offer the house for sale for $399,000, because this way has a psychological effect on the buyer because number 3 is cheaper than number 4.

If your home was worth $395,000, it would be better to put the house up for sale for $387,000, and so on…

8. The best time to sell real estate

The best time to sell real estate is in the summer.

9. Give yourself a timetable to lower the price.

Often, homeowners stubbornly cling to a very high price and refuse to budge from it. Then it takes several months and sometimes years to make a sale. Set a date for you to lower the price of the house in case your home is delayed, set this date before you start pricing your home and the sale process. In this way, you will eliminate the emotion that makes you cling to your home pricing and help you sell your home faster.

Some people prefer a timetable to reduce the price from 5-6 weeks and others prefer from 6-8 weeks.

10. Check your home yourself

You should check your home to make sure that there are no defects that are not visible in it such as plumbing or electricity or defects in the roof of the house or any other defects, do not wait for the buyer not to discover the defects of your home, the buyer can often turn to an expert to check your home to determine the defects that need to be repaired and determine their cost, or the buyer may discover himself defects of your home if he has experience.

Any defect in your home that needs repair will reduce the market value of your home by more than the value of repairing it, so you should fix any apparent or unseen defect in your home before it is put up for sale.

11. I use the Internet

I use internet sites that offer the service of buying and selling houses online, these sites have become a lot of users in the Arab world, so you should photograph the house with beautiful modern pictures that show its advantages and do not slacken in the number of pictures. The pictures should show your home from the outside and inside and show every corner and every room in the house, preferably in the day and not in the evening.

12. Use catalysts

Motivate the buyer to buy your home, for example who will buy your home and give up the money he strives to get will want to live in the house of his dreams quickly, it is possible to offer him that if he buys your home he will be able to live in it within a week instead of waiting 45 days as is customary in most countries.

It is possible to offer to the buyer who will buy your home and the electrical appliances in it, you will pass the guarantee of those devices to him, if there is any defect that will be taken care of by the guarantee.

13. Don’t make overwork

Do not make repairs and decorations or additions in the house exaggerated for other homes in the same area and in the same price category, when you make repairs or improvement in the house do a normal and customary work because these repairs and overpriced additions will be borne by you as losses when selling your home at its market value.

14. Don’t Hang On Home

Don’t be passionate about walls. Yes, you may have memories at home, but the property is a tangible material asset that does not move. Try to overcome your passion because it will not make you deal with the house neutrally and will make you give it value when priced more than its real market value

15. The Power of Words

Ask your friends and acquaintances to spread the word “you want to sell your home”, maybe one of them or one of their acquaintances would be interested in buying a property, so it will save you a lot of time to look for a serious buyer.

16. Spread the light inside your home

When the buyer comes to see your house, turn on all the lights, especially the curtain lights and the ceiling lights, make the house light, because if the house is dark, the buyer will feel the cap and the contraction.

17. Choose the right real estate agent

Don’t hire a real estate agent just because he’s a strong fan of the football team you encourage or because he’s from your city. Choose an agent who, when entering your home, can tell you its features and disadvantages and compare it to other houses in the area, choose the agent with good reputation. Ask your friends or acquaintances or search online for a good agent, this is an important step and make the right choice.


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