The strangest and most difficult 10 questions asked in job interviews

The strangest and most difficult 10 questions asked in job interviews
The strangest and most difficult 10 questions asked in job interviews

Are you afraid that the questions the manager will ask you during the job interview will be difficult or strange?

Do you think you’ve had one of the toughest job interview questions?

If you are, something will change your mind. Today, we have identified strange questions posed to global companies for those who want to get a job. You’ll be really surprised to hear it and then you’ll be thanking God for the questions you asked in your interview, no matter how difficult it may have been at the time.
In the Economist Times, some of the strangest questions asked in 2014 were monitored and commented on to be employed in international companies. These questions opened many windows that allowed many to look at their future through them,

But one of the most difficult questions applicants faced were those of software and electronic companies, whose questions were as follows:

A question for an assistant position on the board of directors at Google

If you had a pencil box, 10 possible uses for it out of the ordinary?

Can dear reader enumerate ten unconventional uses of pencil?

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Another question was for an applying for an amazon hiring manager.

How would you solve the company’s problems if you were from Mars?

Maybe even if we’re from Earth, it won’t be that easy, so how about if we’re from Mars?

A question from apple’s appointment committee for one of the people applying for a job.

What’s the most creative way to break an hour?

What do you think, dear reader, in the most creative way?

And in a question to a sales assistant at Pacific Sunwire.

If you’re a sign on the street, which sign do you choose to be?

It’s worth reflecting on, isn’t it?

For the job of a software developer at Microsoft, the question was

You have a cylinder disc that rotates on a column, and you’ve been given a set of pins, how can you use it to determine the direction the disc is rotating?

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A question from a technology analyst at Goldman Sachs.

There are countless black and white dots on a plane, which proved that the distance between the white point and the black dot is one unit.

The question asked for the job of an internal business manager at Facebook.

You have a bag full of N threads and you pulled the end of one thread and held it at the end of the other thread and repeated this process until the threads ended up in the bag, what is the estimated number of nodes in the thread?

A question asked to apply for a data analyst position at Jp Morgan.

Think of a product or service that has never been thought of before and can cause wealth, how can you market the idea?

For a google product manager, the question was

To design a phone for the deaf person, how do you implement it?

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And the last question was from Microsoft.

How do you design a moving elevator?

This was a set of questions about how quickly intuition and intelligent thinking to solve problems that go into everyday working life.


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