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When one walks among the engineers and strategy managers of the so-called “customer experience” at the top of the Smart kitchen, he has to wonder whether these people are really cooking

The conference held this year at its third session, bringing together people working in the front lines of the Smart Kitchen world in an effort to revolutionize the technology in the kitchen. The smart kitchen is where Americans spend 60 percent of their time when they wake up at home, says Yun Lee, vice president at Samsung. For this reason, many technology-focused companies today focus their work in this area

All those present at the Pinaroya Complex, whether in charge of a large technology manufacturing company, a Google engineer, or even a entrepreneur who hopes to launch a new kitchen concept, agree that in the next five to ten years artificial intelligence will always have a seat at the dinner table

Consumers said the Smart Kitchen’s future technologies would go beyond the screen on the fridge door, which allows the consumer to check the weather and look for recipes, and adjusts the weekly family schedule at the same time

The mixer may be able to connect to a wrist-worn device that is responsible for tracking the consumer’s diet, checking the contents of the refrigerator and the Smart kitchen table

 He may also be able to prepare the right juice based on the available materials, the weight the consumer has acquired, and the fruit he prefers

The oven will be able to decide when and how to start roasting salmon, and communicate with the family via text messages when dinner is ready. The refrigerator will also attend the grocery list based on a thorough study of the budget allocated for the purchase of some goods, whether the consumer wants to buy a membership, or whether this season is the season of peaches

Finally, artificial intelligence will be able to understand the consumer’s needs for cooking well, so that the consumer will only know that he wants to prepare an old family recipe or any other dish and specify the date he wants. When the consumer begins to prepare, he will receive help from a virtual chef’s assistant through technology, and will suggest an intelligent skillet when the firepower should calm down before the food burns

Smart Kitchen may even count the number of dishes whose contents thrown, and know the owner of the person who drank the last bottle of juice in the refrigerator

“We’re making new smart kitchen items,” said Rebecca Chesens, research director at Future Institute, a Silicon Valley research center that is responsible for studying the impact of technology on human values. In a speech to the conference, she added, “We are talking to these elements, and they respond to us in return.” She urged the audience to think about what each chef might need in the Smart Kitchen first, and then work on designing the technology that would help him or her

Based on the noise at the conference, many see a future where they will not need anyone to learn cooking

According to Nikhil Bugal, founder and technical officer at John, which is developing a Wi-Fi platform platform oven, he can identify the consumer’s food inside him and tell him how to cook it after naming it only. Will help him perform better and more professionally than he would have if he had trained

However, these ideas are all still just flashes in the eyes of an engineer. Successfully connect everything in the Smart Kitchen,

technology and recipes should work uniformly in a way that allows food to trace from farm to dish

Here, dreamers talked about inventing a single recipe rule for recipes, or even allowing the final disposal of recipes


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