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Technology is more than just computers and engineering. Technology websites everything people do every day, whatever their personal interests.

 Technology websites can be defined as a branch of knowledge that relies on the process of innovation, the use of modern technology and its connection to everyday life.

Society and the surrounding environment, relying on industrial arts, engineering, applied sciences, and pure science. Technology can also be defined as a way of accomplishing a task through the use of multiple means, techniques and knowledge

 The impact of technology websites on the educational process the impact of technology has become very large on the educational process since the introduction of the Internet, where many colleges and postgraduate programs created platforms for online learning, making the number of students who receive online lessons large

 Technology websites also encourage people to innovate and increase their collaboration on learning, and technology provided by education includes:

 Availability of degrees and certificates online

 Availability of curriculum on the Internet so the study time can be organized according to personal circumstances

 Availability of resources and modern resources

 Impact of technology on health There are many impacts of technology on human health, including positive and negative ones

 The most important of these effects can be enumerated as follows:

 Technology sites make people lazier: because of the constant entertainment in the hands of people, but technology does not make people lazier when used properly, where technology websites allow users to access more information than can be imagined with the click of a button only. Monitors affect people’s eyes:

 Many people suffer from eye discomfort after using any screen for more than two hours, but not only eyes that may be affected by the use of screens, screens may also affect the head, neck and shoulders, depending on the position of the person while using screens of different devices

Reduce the brightness of the screen. Sit one arm space away from the screen to get an appropriate distance when using the computer screen

 Increase text size on devices to make content easier to view

Impact on family life: Technology makes every member of the family spend most of their time alone, away from other individuals

 technology between past and present It can be said that everything changes over time, as most things are now going in different ways than in the past decades, as most of the people are currently relying on technology websites, and can summarize the most important aspects that differed in terms of The technology between the past and present is:

  Previously, communications were based on zombie mail, where it was common among lazy mail friends, writing messages manually and having postage stamps on them, and the mail route was slow and useless

At present, communications have become more useful and faster. Technology has been shortened from a few days to just a few minutes. Nowadays, the adoption of e-mail, text messages, video chat, fax, instant messaging, Techniques that allow people to communicate with each other without having to find a mailbox


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