Predator desktop


If the desktop predator that is running fast always slowed significantly, take a closer look at the predator desktop. Do you see it messy? Do you have icons, images, files and videos scattered around it?

 Let me tell you that each of these elements takes part of the computer’s predator desktop (RAM), which can be used better with other tasks. Therefore, it can be said that desktop cleaning is a step to speed up your computer

In order to understand this, each time the predator desktop is run, the Windows boot system creates a so-called “memory paging” to display and locate all items on the desktop as they were before the device was shut down. So if there are dozens of files on the predator desktop, they will use a lot of RAM

On the whole, if you’re desktop predator is full of clutter. We have prepared this article specifically to help you get rid of it. These methods that we will discuss with you make the desktop more organized so you can find everything you are looking for quickly and at the same time speed up the predator desktop

If you do not hesitate to predator desktop a lot, but the programs you install automatically put a shortcut on it. A quick fix to this problem is to hide everything from the predator desktop and make it completely empty

You do not need to delete each shortcut or file to complete it; all you have to do is right click anywhere on the predator desktop, and then from the menu that appears, point your mouse pointer to View and remove the check from the Show Desktop Icons option. . Instantly all icons will disappear from the predator desktop

Predator desktop

At any time if you want to access those shortcuts or files again, you will find them in the Desktop folder after opening File Explorer or Windows Explorer. Or mark again on the Show Desktop Icons option

Of course if you want to store files and predator desktop software on your desktop, this method will not benefit you because you do not want to hide them all

Predator desktop order

If you are looking for a predator desktop, you can then arrange items according to specific criteria. You can easily do this by clicking right in any empty space and then pointing the mouse pointer to Sort by and from the drop down menu select “Name” to sort the items alphabetically, or “Size” to arrange items according to size, or “Item Type” to arrange items by type and format , Or “Date modified” to sort in time. This method will make it easier to find what you’re looking for if your predator desktop is full of files and program shortcuts

This may be the best solution to get rid of the messy predator desktop. If you have a lot of files, you can place them in separate folders and mark them according to file types.

For example, the “Pictures” folder to save any picture on your desktop, as well as the “predator desktop” folder. Keep relevant files in a folder. This makes access requires a few clicks, but it is still easy to find the predator desktop


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