No one’s stopping you. Don’t hurt the others.


It is said that a poor man who lived in a broken house in a village, had a donkey he inherited from his father, and without any idea how to use the donkey and earn it, he decided to sell the donkey in the city. The next day he packed his belongings and began his journey towards the city. In the evening, miles to reach the city, the man decided to rest under a tree in the forest, but suddenly realized that he had forgotten to bring the rope to tie the donkey, and had no money to buy a new rope. From afar he saw another passenger and went to him for help, explained his problem, and asked for the rope.

The traveler said: “I don’t have ropes, but I can only suggest one thing, go back and work to tie the ass, just like you do every day.”

A little surprised, he went and tried as the traveler suggested. The next day after waking up, I was surprised to see the ass still there. Happy and surprised, get ready to resume the journey. He tried to drag the donkey, but the donkey did not move from his place. He tried and tried but it didn’t work. With frustration, he went back to the traveler for help.

The traveler said, “Did you untie the donkey rope?” He came back and worked on untiethe ass. Then he resumed his journey.

Did you find this story familiar?

We always blame the world and our society for making excuses so that we remain comfortable on the safe side of life.

If we fail to do something that needs to be done, we make excuses for ourselves, such as my father’s reaction and what society will think of me. By making excuses, we associate ourselves with the things that society accepts. But in fact, if you look around, no one actually prevents you from fulfilling your dreams, to take big and unconventional actions, we need to trust ourselves first “yes, I can do it”, when you trust yourselves, with time with others will also begin to believe in you.

Every big step needs a big sacrifice; Everyone in the world is constrained by a mentality of their own;

So, break this imaginary rope, take this step and trust your dreams, and slowly everything will be automatically coordinated.

“Your passion awaits your courage to catch up.”


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