Learn about technology websites


Learn about technology websites Sure, we all realize how important it is to learn electronic technology websites in everyday life, so it is becoming more popular among people

So many people have already taken the time to do these jobs

During these technology websites they can display all their products so they can get

A lot of customers from all sides and all over the world

As a result of all this we find companies and also institutions

Traders are always looking for those who can do excellent technology jobs for a good site that this client can find

To display their own products, and thus became specialists in the design of these sites more

The characters sought by everyone, so many people have resorted to learning this technology websites and rely on them as a profession or means to earn money

Technology websites

Learn about technology websites and its steps

You must be fully informed and know that if you want to do a complete design for a particular site and implement it on


You must first make a full drawing to this technology websites that you want to implement and this enables you to do

By displaying this design before you start it, you can display it to the customer who has already requested this site from yo

Whether he wants to add an amendment or remove something that is not satisfied with him, this gives you the opportunity as a designer

You have completed the full destination or final form you want to access and which will work so that you can

Also, the designer who works on technology websites must have this site after he has drawn it up

The work of these designs, which he decided to implement it through its use to a program of famous programs for Photoshop

If this designer does not know how to deal with these programs for and then able to resort

To one of the designers specialized in the field of work technology websites

This way he can reach the technology websites he wants to deny as he heads without any change he is dissatisfied with

Technology websites and its construction

After the designer can finish this work in terms of design, he should now be presenting the form

Web page, these designers will not be able to transfer this work to the Internet unless they are aware

And knowledge of languages ​​in the field of programming, which is the basis of building technology websites, among which the main languages ​​are HTML and also a language called CSS

You can also immediately go to learn other languages ​​such as PHP and also the database language called MYSQL

The two most important languages ​​must be a thorough and complete study so that you can do a data binding process

And also to work to be more effective and interactive also after you can technology sites, the two languages ​​we mentioned

Hence, after the completion of the first two processes

We can say that this technology websites are ready to receive and store any kind of data

The technology available on the Internet can be divided on the basis of the destination of the site, and thus the sites can be divided into the following:


 It is prepared by government agencies to identify themselves, their activities and the services they provide

Technology websites

 These sites are built by private educational institutions, especially universities and colleges to introduce their curricula and how to join them

Cultural sites

 Sites that provide general information to visitors as general information about a particular country and pages of people in a particular cultural field such as poetry, theater and others

 News / Media sites

: Sites belonging to media organizations

 Personal Sites: These pages are built by people to identify themselves and their areas of expertise, and sometimes belong to very important people

 Business / marketing sites: Websites are interested in technology websites and marketing of goods through the Internet

 Entertainment Sites: Sites that are intended to entertain the visitor, and contain games, music and movies

Technology websites

I. Objective criteria


 Technology websites should clearly define their full name

It can also be used to identify the authority responsible for technology websites, and the responsibility data should also include the vision and the message of the site owner and the goals it aims to achieve.

 Some sites urge the browser to view the message and objectives of the site through a link on the home page or the following pages, and there are sites that specify on the first page the name of the responsible person to whom the mail can be routed.

 The home page of technology websites can provide ready-to-communicate forms where the browser can write comments, comments and questions to be answered by asking


The content category is one of the most important categories through which technology websites can be judged by the type of information and the volume of services provided by the site to the general public. Meeting the needs of the users and providing the information they need must be the top priority to be considered when evaluating Site

The relevance of technology websites to the needs of the target audience is an important element of the evaluation process. The main function of any website is to provide relevant information that the target audience can use in various ways and means


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