In just a week, raise your IQ!


L You asked yourself before, what does these two characters sense IQ? Although everyone is aware that these two characters are an abbreviation of Intelligence Quotient or IQ, most of us do not know what the meaning or basis of the result we call “IQ” is very simply a process by which the speed of understanding and mental abilities is measured, for example, the IQ of a 32-year-old is 100. IQ, scientists believe that this rate increases by 3% per decade (10 years), but although you can increase the speed of this rate through some habits that you should keep up with daily, we consulted a number of psychologists and came up with these seven habits that will be able to increase your IQ by about 17 IQ in a week.

Now here are the seven days of the week:

1 – Saturday, play a game

Sharp intelligence is an essential part of all iq tests, and it’s also about working memory, so Dr Susanne Jäggi of the University of Michigan used Dual N-Back games, where the player is asked to remember the sequence of geometric shapes and sounds, to enhance this aspect, and it is impressive and surprising at the same time that her research has discovered that once you spend 25 minutes each day practicing this taper (game) will help raise your IQ 4 IQ.

So how do you do this: Try the game from here

Duration: About 25 minutes.

Interest: Increase iq by 4 IQ.

2- Sunday, take supplements

Taking 5 grams of creatine per day for 6 weeks can raise your IQ by at least 15 IQ, the researchers gave some volunteers this dose of creatine, then tested their ability to detect missing elements in some retinal patterns, and the result was, said Caroline Rae, the study’s lead. It raises the energy levels available to the calculation in the brain.”

So how do you do this: you can buy the Creatine through

Duration: Approximately 1 minute.

Interest: 2 IQ.

3. Monday, be social

When it comes to improving the power of your mind, Scrabble will be your best friend for the next period, as activities involving a variety of skills as well as social interaction are excellent and appropriate choices if you aim to improve your IQ, says consultant psychologist Maria Leitner: You can get all the interaction by playing on this Scrabble app and playing with your friends daily through Wi-Fi networks.

So how do you do this: you can get this app through

Duration: 50 minutes per day.

Interest: 1 IQ.

4- Tuesday, destroy some bad guys

A recent study at The University of Rochester, USA, confirmed a strong link between video games and enhanced visual awareness of players in the “real” real world, so video games are a key building block for intelligence building, where IQ tests rely on the ability to observe visual signals very quickly and accurately, so this ability is invaluable, explains psychiatrist Dr. Anita Abrams. If yes, playing Call of Duty 4 is good for you.

So how do you do this: You can buy Call of Duty: Black Ops from here now

Duration: 60 minutes per day.

Interest: 2 IQ.

5- Wednesday, start exercising

If you want to be smarter, but what does that have to do with that? There is a close relationship between physical health and intelligence as a Swedish study has shown that fitness and cardiovascular health can raise your verbal intelligence by nearly 50%, says Maria Aberg, who led the study: “The increase dissonance of cardiovascular fitness has been amazingly associated with cognitive ability.” But strangely, on the other hand, muscle strength is weakly associated with intelligence.”

So how do you do this: you can find some of the cardiosports from here.

Duration: 20 minutes per day.

Interest: 5 IQ.

6- Thursday, do some tests

Retrying IQ tests over and over time can actually increase your IQ by about two points. The effect of this practice is a technique that has proven to be the weapon you need in addition to the skills needed to understand the following test, as educational psychologist Professor Alan S. Kaufman says: “If the interval between the two tests is too short, for example, a few hours, researchers are also likely to remember strategies that have proven successful.”

So how do you do this: on this site you will find many tests

Duration: 30 minutes per day.

Interest: 2 IQ.

7- Friday, eat vegetables

Leitner says: “A number of studies have linked high IQ to a vegetarian diet.” So, fixing your diet now can raise your IQ by about 10 years.

So how do you do this: Here are some ideas for vegetarian foods,

Duration: 10 minutes per day.

Interest: 1 IQ.

You’ve got an additional 17 IQto your IQ in just one week, which will enable you to solve any problem that life throws at you.


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