How to profit from Instagram


Profit from Instagram, Instagram is currently one of the best social networking sites with a large percentage of users exceeding 500 million interactive users and downloads exceeding a billion via the Google Play market, and therefore the profit from Instagram has become very important for every online marketer or investor in the internet so how do people profit from the Instagram site ? And did I need a certain number of followers to win money? What are the best profitable areas of Instagram?

How is the profit from Instagram?

Affiliates that earn money by selling other people’s products

You can sell other people’s products and get commission. This is done by the agency doing a kind of marketing via Instagram for this product, many brands sell their products through their affiliate bodies. There are a lot of people who profit from Instagram in this way.

The difference between influencers and affiliates is that the affiliate is working to achieve brand sales for a commission, on the other hand, the influencer mainly aims to create awareness.

Create attractive posts, so you can promote products without urgency. And since you can only have one link in your Instagram CV. Include a comment in each post stating that the product can be purchased via the link in the Instagram CV.

Selling posters and other visual products

All Instagram is visual content, i.e. products that can be appropriately filmed. You can sell posters, paintings, drawings, animations, videos and other video based products. In each post refer to to visit the link in your CV. This is a popular method of earning from Instagram.

If you see that you are taking high quality photos, there is an opportunity to get paid for it. But don’t just rely on photography, explore other possibilities that enhance your photos, such as editing and editing. Use the best photo editing app for phones to get the most out of the photos you take. Try to be creative when taking pictures. You can use Instagram to promote your photo wallet using Instagram-related hashtags.

Sell ​​your physical products

You can sell any physical product that you produce yourself or buy from suppliers. The traditional e-commerce retail business usually requires storing some inventory, which means that you will need to spend some money to store products, such as an excess room in the home or a rented storage space. For example, if you purchased some inventory from a supplier based in China you would need space to hold it before it was requested by customers and delivered to them.

You can sell products directly on Instagram through Instagram posts and journals. This is done by simply tagging the products in your Instagram photos and you can then direct your Instagram followers to your product pages where they can buy products quickly.

How do you make money through the application of Instagram?

Instagram is an ideal place to sell products that you can film well and clearly so that you will be able to achieve ease of marketing through Instagram for your products and increase sales and profit. In other words, if your products are suitable for photography, you will likely be able to sell them there.



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