How to profit from Blogger


Profit from blogger, blogger blog is a service that is among the services provided by Google, which is very large, which acquires the Internet in a very large way, and blogger is formed to provide a service to publishers and writers by giving free hosting completely to those looking to blogging so that they can keep pace Their activity in blogging.

Can you profit from Arab blogs?

The answer is simply yes, you can profit from Arab blogs, but here we stand. As for a point, no one disagrees with it, and there is no comparison between Arab blogs and foreign blogs in that the material revenue from foreign blogs is twice as high as Arab blogger profits because Arab advertisers are looking Always to pay very little financial return on interaction with their ads, so there is no comparison between Arab and foreign blogs at all.

The best ways to profit from blogger blog:

Profit from Google Adsense

Adsense is undisputedly one of the best companies that advertise on bloggers platforms such as blogger and no company comes to compete with it and the profit will be by submitting an application to Adsense after fulfilling the conditions of your blog to accept Adsense and wait a period of up to two weeks or less on the amount of requests submitted to Adsense Because a review by Adsense for sites is a manual review, meaning that there are no robots until sites are evaluated accurately so that the level of advertising is high I have a Google Adsense platform, and finally if you are looking to profit from placing ads on your blog do not think much and make a blog that meets the requirements of Adsense and You will win a lot and a lot of money with Adsense with all the money Kid.

Profit from shortened links

The second way to profit from blogger blog is to create a blog that specializes in the areas of programs and download games and others, but be aware that it is difficult to work on shortening links with Adsense because most games and programs are cracked, i.e. they are not original and Google of course protects these Games according to the copyright of the games, if you will be working in this area, be careful not to use Adsense with it, so as not to be subject to closing your Adsense account.

Profit from affiliate marketing commission

The third way to profit from Blogger is to work on commission marketing, which is by displaying products that belong to companies and take a percentage on each sale that is made through your referral link and that is through well-known and well-known sites such as Amazon and the market, and this field is very very profitable. It brings in a very large return on sales.

Profit from adsense and affiliate ads together

The fourth way is to place adsense ads on the blog and work on commission marketing as well, and of course it is one of the best ways because you will take adsense profits and also commission marketing profits, and here you have made for yourself more than one source of income.



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