How can I use youtbe in education in a safe and effective way?


 A question that has long filled the minds of many who want to integrate modern technology and make the most of its advantages in the exercise of the teaching profession

 In this article we will learn together about tips for youtbe in education in a safe and effective way, but before that let’s first recognize the importance of youtbe as a great learning tool

 What is youtbe?

 Youtbe definition

Use youtbe in education

Youtbe is one of the most powerful and famous Web 2.0 applications on the Internet, and although most people use it for entertainment, youtbe can be an effective tool and a useful learning tool, both in research and educational presentations, The digital content is endless

However, youtbe cannot be used in education as a major or alternative tool, but as an auxiliary tool that can be integrated into the classroom to help clarify some of the subjects that are difficult to grasp by learners. Videos help greatly in motivating students, especially those who excel in visual intelligence

The challenge is how to employ youtbe in education in a way that does not lead to the results of p. The first obstacle we face is where to start? Fortunately, one of the best features youtbe is the search function. If you’re having difficulty finding the right video for the quota topic, for example, you can search for a YouTube channel dedicated to that topic or domain

 In the same frame, youtbe allows the related video feature, which enables the user to explore a selection of videos related to the subject of the video you choose to watch

Another important feature is provided by the EDU tutor site youtbe

 This portal allows students and teachers access to a wide range of educational videos, including lectures and speeches

  youtbe also provides access to thousands of videos provided by its partners such as National Geographic, TED, and PBS. It is a starting point for the search for academic content that will undoubtedly be of great added value to the educational learning process

On the other hand, the employment of youtbe in education poses a range of problems; it is also a great platform for many other areas of education. Many companies can promote their products and services, and get feedback from users.

 In addition to these privacy problems, youtbe allow anyone to watch your videos, without forgetting the difficulty of filtering educational content amidst the huge number of videos that can often carry non-educational and inhuman values, such as encouraging violence and attacking Human and animal

 These problems, though dangerous, can not be a hindrance to taking advantage of the enormous potential offered by youtbe, if we know how to use this tool effectively and securely


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