Face the virtual world with cybersecurity news


The world is passing through a new phase of cybersecurity news, and it has become necessary to connect technology to security, especially since digital technology is no longer limited to the use of smartphones, computers and data storage, but has become an indispensable cornerstone for individual use and in financial and official transactions. The result of programming has resulted in cases that are specific to the security of information and infrastructure. Hence the importance of Cyber-Secascii117rity

which means the ability to protect virtual space against any cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is linked to the security of information The protection of the information on cybersecurity news devices, in the face of any unauthorized intervention might target a change in the information, or destruction or denial of access to them

First appearance of cybersecurity news

It first appeared in the early 1990s, and its emergence was associated with IT and computer scientists, who were looking for ways to create cybersecurity news for a series of risks and threats related to interconnected computers

Over time, however, with the social impact of digital technology becoming clearer, the concept of cybersecurity news has become more than just an IT-related concept

Over the past few years, the world has been increasingly concerned with a number of issues, such as protecting digital infrastructure, electronic censorship, and ways to address terrorist infiltrations, e-war, cyber terrorism, cybercrime and cybercrime.

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to protect the vital interests of the Kingdom and its national security and its sensitive infrastructure

 It also prioritizes attracting and qualifying qualified national cadres, as well as stimulating innovation and investment in cybersecurity news. To contribute to the achievement of a technical renaissance that serves the future of the Kingdom’s national economy

The importance of cybersecurity news

Cybersecurity news is a strategic weapon of governments and individuals, especially as cyber warfare has become an integral part of the modern tactics of wars and attacks between nations

The Kingdom has made significant progress in improving cybersecurity news in general, addressing external and internal threats and achieving the ambitious goals set out in Vision 2030

According to the cybersecurity news report issued by the Potomac Institute for Political Studies in Washington, a single problem facing Saudi Arabia in this regard is the lack of skilled Saudi manpower in this field

The institute said the kingdom’s efforts to achieve cybersecurity news were proceeding well after a range of external threats

The cybersecurity news program has started training the first installment of the Cyber ​​Security Training Program, one of the initiatives of the Commission to raise the efficiency of government employees working in cybersecurity and university students in the cybersecurity news

 In its first year aims to provide 800 training opportunities for the sons and daughters of the homeland in this field

 Through specialized international companies and under the supervision of the Commission

The program began with two mid-level courses attended by 50 trainees working in 30 government agencies, and included intensive theoretical and practical training for four weeks in the areas of ethical penetration cybersecurity news for operating systems and computer networks

This initiative comes as part of initiatives launched by the National cybersecurity news to address the shortage of national cadres in this field.

 Finally, the initiative of scholarship in cybersecurity news was launched in partnership with the Ministry of Education through the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Program for External Scholarships.

 The first of 200 to 540 seats for both sexes, in response to the need to build national capacities in cybersecurity news and to meet the needs required by the government and private labor market to protect networks, IT systems and operational technology systems to protect the cyberspace of the Kingdom

The initiative comes as part of the organization’s national cybersecurity news, which includes its competence to build national capacities specialized in cybersecurity news and to participate in the preparation of its educational and training programs


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