European auto clinic

European auto clinic
European auto clinic

The European Auto Clinic with integrated systems specialized in the trade and maintenance of cars aims to enable management, operation, control and customer service for all the activities of car trading and maintenance companies and provide a strong real-time information medium that enables management at all levels to make the right decision at the right time. The automotive trading and maintenance program also provides subsystems and analytical and aggregate reports for supervision, supervision and follow-up to achieve the highest quality, efficiency, productivity and therefore the highest profitability of the company. The automotive clinic system helps to follow up on the implementation of its policies in all aspects of activity in order to avoid the loss resulting from poor operation and not to optimize the company’s human and material resources. Since the integrated systems group provides an important amount of technical, administrative and accounting information has been taken into account from the beginning confidentiality and data preservation against any unauthorized sabotage or leaking through the use of strong databases and the development of a system for users and access and control of the system. The goal of the European auto clinic can be summarized in bringing our customers to the highest possible profitability and quality rates.

Some components of the car clinic


Managing car service centers is the fastest and most user-friendly way to take, schedule and manage repairs and maintenance. This e-function is specifically designed to achieve the highest productivity of the service center and workshops as well as save the time to complete the task and provide a distinguished service

A reservation system must be designed to accommodate your unique booking needs. Also use the electronic calendar to choose the available time for booking from date, hour, operations and schedule. You can store important information for the required services, confirm and continue booking with each customer.

Clinic staff will spend less time scheduling booking appointments and more time focusing with customers. The system allows one-time reservations or repeat bookings in a short time. It also allows quick addition of data, easy and quick access to personal and historical customer data, and finding the booking times available by the employee and the time period. That is, it’s the best way you can manage your appointments quickly and efficiently.

European Car Clinic Quotes

A display function used to provide quotes and measurements to customers based on data from the system. The user can enter the processes and quantities of spare parts as required for the expected work and print them and present them to the customer

While building measurements and quotations, the user can carry out the list of operations available from the current spare parts stock.

Craft handling of quotes means a sophisticated platform that allows users to see not only the selling price of spare parts but also the purchase price depending on their level of confidentiality and validity

Quotes can make it easier to work with insurance companies and companies that require prior approvals. The system converts measurements to occupancy orders based on agreed prices and conditions. This option facilitates the opening of the job order by the receptionist slot and confirms that the invoice values match the approved measures.

Work and repair orders

The ability to enter new transactions or convert booking measures into occupancy orders. The user can also review and modify existing processes

Enable the user to retrieve vehicle and customer data in seconds. For new customers and vehicles, a system is available to facilitate data entry into the work warrant screen to facilitate customer interaction. The user can choose the processes and spare parts related to the required services and provide customers with an estimate of the cost and time required for delivery

Once the repair order is created, it will be automatically delivered to time and load management to handle work and loading reservations

The request for spare parts should be sent electronically to inventory control to prepare the items required for immediate delivery to technicians upon request


Details can be viewed for any later day to see what processes will be scheduled at the clinic, including nuts, to see how much labor is available and to increase the workshop’s ability to operate efficiently.

The loading unit organizes all open operations in the workshop automatically maintains real-time operations, available times and possible bottlenecks in the workshop, prioritizes operations in service centers, accelerates the completion of operations with the required efficiency and allocates resources to improve productivity.

See the operations report in operation and print it, set policies and actions to be taken, and appoint the person responsible for implementing them to achieve the highest productivity and meet customer delivery requirements

After the repair order is closed, it is automatically scheduled to make a final check, review the work done and take notes on the repair order

Final detection at the European auto clinic

Before approving the final inspection of the vehicle, the technical examination engineer will conduct a full examination of the vehicle and ensure that the processes are completed as required. The report consists of some points, including the status of completed operations, any other operations to be carried out immediately, and any other operations required to be carried out in the future to maintain the vehicle.

The technical examination engineer has one of two options, either to agree to release the car for invoices or return it to the download with notes to complete the required processes


The internal system will automatically create a preliminary invoice once the final scan is successful. Competent people review the invoice, take customer approval, add external business fees, and make discounts within the limits of the authority if necessary. The final invoice is then approved

Payment of the cash bill allows the release of the car except in the case of e-payment customers is transferred to the electronic payment system at the expense of the European Automobile Clinic

Exit permits

The exit permit is the final step that allows the customer to pick up his car and get it out of the clinic in accordance with the payment terms previously set by the accounting department, which are the only conditions that control the release of the car.

Exit permits are automatically created by the system and allow it only after payment procedures have been completed

Real-time follow-up of operations

All repair orders are reviewed within the workshop, and the user can display real-time information regarding each repair order in terms of the position of operations, spare parts discharge, delivery time, causes of delay, and other real-time data

The system data must be updated to allow users to monitor repair orders in real time in all branches and follow up operations remotely for effective central management and increase efficiency for all branches.

The screen displays the status of each repair command in different colors to allow users to easily follow commands. It also offers a screen for customers to monitor the movement of their vehicle during different stages and even delivery

Any details of any repair order can be displayed in seconds, including repair order position information, operations, spare parts and the schedule of remaining operations

History of cars

The history of the car is a very powerful tool that can be used in different areas within the clinic. It provides the user with access to all historical information about the car in terms of all the operations carried out by the technicians and spare parts that have been installed and the final inspection notes and others

Users at different levels can access the car’s history according to the needs and powers to obtain the required information. Data access is simple and easy to make it easier to deal with customers and provide them with better service

Customer Service

The European Car Service for Car Maintenance provides an integrated unit to serve and deliver the fullest

Customer service functions help maximize customer satisfaction. This should be the main goal of achieving the highest sales volume with a significant profitability and keeping customers happy

We find that customer service is more important in some roles than others. For receptionists, sales staff and other employees in customer roles, customer service must be an essential element in their job description and training

Our system helps you to follow the work done and measure customer satisfaction with dynamic scripts that you can control according to your measurement requirements which is an automated process that saves time and increases efficiency.


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