Does uber eat the account?


How is the Uber Drivers Accounting System? How is the cost of the journey in Uber calculated? Uber has a clear and profitable system by which Uber drivers and employees are accounted for, Does uber eat the account and it is primarily characterized by its diversity of sources which will guarantee you profit in the end. In this article we will explain the accounting system in Uber and how the cost of the trip is calculated.

How is the cost of the ride in the Uber Driver Accounting System calculated?

There is a clear way to calculate the basic cost of a ride or trip with Uber. The cost of the journey in Uber is divided into three parts:

  • Cost per minute: It is 20 piasters per minute that you spend in your car while on the road, whether walking or waiting.
  • Cost per kilometer: It is 130 piasters (one pound and thirty pounds) per km you drive in your car, and it mainly depends on the proximity or distance you will travel on your way.
  • The cost of the start of the journey and the minimum: The driver takes, as soon as the start of the journey, a fixed amount, which is 3 pounds, whatever the actual cost of the journey, with a minimum of 10 pounds for the journey, meaning that there are no rides with less than 10 pounds.

Example of calculating the actual cost of the journey

Does uber eat the account Assuming there is a 20 km trip or journey that will take 30 minutes, the actual cost is as follows:

  • Cost per minute: 20 * 30 = 6 pounds
  • Kilometer cost: 20 * 1.30 = 26 pounds
  • Starting cost of the ride: 3 pounds
  • That is, the actual cost of the journey is 6 + 26 + 3 = 35 pounds (before deducting 20% ​​of the company’s percentage)

How to calculate my Granti and Bonus

One of the most important advantages of working with Uber is the guarantee of profit even without many rides. Does uber eat the account Once you are in your car while waiting for rumors, you are earning money (a minimum of one and a half hours drive)

1- Warranty or Guarantee System:

It is a system that guarantees you to receive a certain amount for every hour even without orders or with less than the amount of the guarantee, and this amount varies according to the different daily time periods and according to the days of the week as well, and it is done as follows:

  • From Sunday to Thursday, from 7 in the morning until 10 in the morning: the amount of the guarantee is 40 pounds / hour.
  • Every weekday except for some special cases (shown below) from 2 PM to 9 PM.
  • That is, there are times when there is no guarantee or grantee like the time between 11 to 1 pm on Sunday.

Rules for obtaining a grantee:

  • A walk should take place at least every hour and a half.
  • Trip acceptance must be at least 85%.

2- Bonus system:

It is an additional value that the driver takes on each journey that he accomplishes and is calculated as follows:

  • 30 flights per week = 150 pounds per week. (There is no bonus for less than 29 flights per week).
  • 60 flights per week = 400 pounds per week, bonus. (Less than 59, the bonus is only 150 EGP).
  • 90 flights per week: 900 pounds per week, bonus. (Less than 89, the bonus is only 400 EGP).
  • These numbers are periodically variable, they are only live examples, and the value changes almost every week, with an increase or decrease.

Bonus rules:

  • The weekly rating should be higher than 4.4 / 5.
  • Flight acceptance must be at least 85%.


In the Uber Driver Accounting System, these numbers and conditions are changed periodically, which are live examples only, and the value or conditions change almost weekly, with an increase or decrease.


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