Corona Virus cannot stop working online


Working on the Internet is not an illusion or a myth that we have heard about since ancient times, but it is a tangible fact, there are many people who do not have jobs around the world, but the Internet was the appropriate refuge for them, in India there is the largest percentage of workers on the Internet, they harness their energies in various The works displayed on the network.

Corona Virus cannot stop working online

The advantage in working on the Internet is that you can do your tasks anywhere and anytime, flexibility is one of the wonderful things about working on the Internet, but it is not easy at all, you need to spend a lot of effort and time and waste money sometimes, you compete Among the millions of users who want to work in the digital space, on the Internet there is no unemployment, no limited seats, and most importantly, the higher your grandfather and your diligence, the more money you earn.

You may be a regular employee and have a respectable monthly salary, however there is no harm in obtaining a few extra dollars using the skills and experiences that you possess, there are no short cuts to work on the Internet, but it takes effort and waste a lot of time So if you are determined, here are 20 “logical” ways to work on the Internet.

Ways to make money on the Internet

Launch a website or blog, do you have knowledge stock on a particular matter? Since you do not launch a blog in which you publish your experiences and expertise, then you only need to register on one of the advertising networks as a publisher of advertisers ’advertisements, the best advertising networks are Google Adsense and Buy Sell Ads, you can also ask your own prices to display ads on your site.

Launch a mailing list that meets the needs of the public, invest your time in browsing the internet and find interesting topics that serve the needs of subscribers in your list, and when you become popular enough, make the advertisement available to some companies and individuals, or you can convert the subscription to the list to a prepaid There are many successful examples in this area like Hacker New letter, Now I Know and, you can use the services of Mail Chimp to get your own mailing list.

Corona Virus cannot stop working online

Create a YouTube channel, since Google has made available the option to monetize YouTube channels, you can now earn money with the ads that will appear on the videos that you will upload, but the problem here is what will you talk about? There are a lot of ideas for starting a YouTube channel, but the best answer to this question must come from you, because you know more than others about your skills and what you can provide to the public.

Create with your own hands, create any creative handcrafted craft that people may wish to own, such as handbags, jewelry, paintings, or handicrafts, then display them for sale on eBay, Etsy, or Art Fire.

Launch your online store, Shoplift and Square Space, which allows you to build electronic stores that sell tangible and intangible goods such as programs, applications, and even digital books. Through the online store, you can sell anything from heavy furniture to clothes to meals.


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