btc to gbp Bitcoin is a virtual currency like other currencies like the dollar or the euro, but with fundamental and fundamental differences, we mention from them that this currency is a fully electronic currency that is traded online only without a physical presence of it. there is no currency in circulation for it in the market Global, as it differs from traditional currencies in the absence of a central regulatory body behind it, but it can be used as any other currency for purchase over the Internet or even convert it into traditional currencies simply and easily.

How do I earn bitcoins?

Profit methods of btc to gbp bitcoin currency are many and varied today, and immediate and rapid profit from bitcoin can be accessed through a number of very effective methods, and from these methods we mention to you.

1. Earn bitcoin on social media

Profit can be achieved through social networking sites spread today in the event that you have a strong presence on it, through the work of Retweet to the tweets of the famous website (http://re. HYPERLINK “”2 HYPERLINK “”, or through the website http: // mellow ads. com, if you have experience in how to profit from links shortening sites such as an ad lay site, for example, this site has the same way of operating all links shortening sites except that the payment is made through btc to gbp bitcoin currency.

2.Bit bitcoin by filling out questionnaires and clicking on ads

Where there are a number of sites called “my grandfather” where these sites enable you to win bitcoin when you accomplish quick and simple tasks, and most often these tasks are watching YouTube videos or filling out questionnaires, or clicking on ads or staying on a site for thirty seconds, and Complete offers, or even enter your personal information in exchange for btc to gbp bitcoins, of course you can not enter it real.

And if you have a VPN to encrypt your IP to the United States or European countries, then your profits will surely double, and among the most important of these sites we mention “PTC Kliks, ADPC, IRN Crypto.

3. Bitcoin profit by content or design industry

If you are proficient in the English language and can write high-quality content in foreign languages, especially English, or have good skills in Photoshop design, bitcoin is an ideal way for you to sell your creations over the Internet, and you can use Petit if you have designs for sale, or a site Watch May-Bit to raise your videos on this site and determine the price of each bitcoin view.

4- Mining

Well mining may not be a good choice if your device capabilities are weak, and you will end up paying much larger electricity bills than your profits but you can mine a small coin and get it for free if you just want to experiment, there are many programs that offer this service such as Multi Miner.

 Or you can mine the ETN coin via your mobile phone, just download the official app and start making profits.

5- Air Drop, Fork

But if you were to earn real profits and get some currencies for free, then you should constantly follow our site to know the dates and news of the forks and airdrops. Forks is simply when a currency splits from another currency and then every investor is given the same amount of what he owns of the new currency, so if you are on For example, you own ten bitcoins before you derive bitcoin cache, you will get ten coins in cache configuration as well. But you should follow us to know such news.


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