Best kitchen tools

Best kitchen tools

There are many different kitchen tools, which vary according to their use. We cannot ignore the role of any kind. Each tool has a specific function that the homemaker needs and cannot escape because it is the main reason for the success of its task in preparing and delivering the food

Best kitchen tools

Some of the best kitchen tools that a homemaker cannot do without listed below

Pots: Deep metal containers with high edges and a thick bottom, used for cooking, made with human-safe materials such as Teflon, stainless steel, gypsum, and granite. Some mineral materials can interact with cooked food; Poisoning may pose a real threat to human health

Pans: A frying pan is a flat, deep-bottomed vessel with slightly high edges, five to twenty centimeters in height. It has handles for easy operation and use. It is lightweight and versatile, made from the same materials as pots, Best kitchen tools. The pans come in several sizes, each size suitable for cooking one or more types of food, and can be summed up in the task of scouring the food before it enters the second stage of the best kitchen tools in some recipes, and other recipes, such as fried eggs, fried vegetables and others

Oven trays: They are also flat and thick bottom containers, which vary in height according to the type of food they prepared for. They made from heat resistant kitchen tools such as Teflon and Pyrex thermal glass

Knives: It is a sharp tool, has a cutting blade, and a handle, used in cutting food items of different, and are classified into several types according to the type of food items used in cutting, as follows

Meat knives: Knives are sharp-headed, wide-brimmed, with relatively large handles, to facilitate the cutting and chopping of meat, the best kitchen tools

Fruit knives are head-cut knives, knife-serrated, smaller in size than kitchen knives, to fit sliced ​​fruits, and not considered as dangerous as meat knives themselves, because they are too sharp to pose a serious risk to their user

Bread knife: A blade knife, used in baking and cake cutting, comes in several sizes according to the needs of the homemaker

Spoons: A tool made up of two parts: a hollow head and a hand, made of several materials, including: stainless steel, wood, and silver, which comes in several types according to the best kitchen tools of use

Room Spoons: Deep hollow head, solid hand, used in large quantities of food, and transferred from pot to dishes, mostly made of safe metal materials, and healthfully authorized to suit and temperature dipped

Spoons: Best kitchen tools Medium sized, mainly used for eating

Spooned Spoons: This type of spoons is similar to other types of spoons. This is so that the best kitchen tools are suitable for picking food, stirring during cooking, having a flat head and many holes to facilitate the descent and extraction of fluids associated with cooked matter

Wooden Spoons: Homemakers for other best kitchen tools prefer Spoons made of white wood, used for stirring and stirring foods during cooking,; they do not scratch the bottom of pots during stirring

Cups: The cups of different shapes used in the provision of tea, juices and water, which are the best kitchen tools mainly glass and crystal

Dishes: The dishes are widely used in the best kitchen tools, so the homemaker must acquire large numbers of them in different sizes and shapes, for the multiplicity of functions and methods of exploitation.  The dishes are made of several materials, the most common of which are glass and gypsum, and there also kinds of manufactured from plastic


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