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In the past few years, websites that provide online shopping services, the most important of which is Amazon, have appeared in the past few years, and if you are users of this site or know people who get their needs through it, you must have heard the Amazon Prime service that the site provides to its subscribers in return for an annual or monthly subscription. So, what is that Amazon Prime service? What features will you get if you subscribe to it?

What is Amazon Prime service?

It is a paid service offered by the shopping website that allows its subscribers to ship the goods they request at a discount (sometimes free) and to benefit from downloading or broadcasting music, video and audio books services in addition to games.

The cost of the Amazon Prime service

This feature gives their subscribers a free 30-day trial period, after which they either pay a reduced annual subscription of $ 119 or a monthly subscription of $ 12.99. Amazon Prime also offers a special subscription for those with an email address ending in the .du extension. A college student, who pays half of the regular subscription for $ 6.49 a month or $ 59 a year after a six-month trial period.

Subscribers can, during the free 30-day period, experience many of the advantages available such as shipping within two days and know the deals that will be done later on Amazon, but that does not mean that all Amazon Prime services are available during that period, but they must pay a sum of money as a subscription to get the rest of the services and features.

Amazon Prime service features


Free shipping for two days:

Amazon Prime subscribers can free shipping for two days for most of the goods they buy, but if the goods do not allow them to benefit from this feature, they can charge them for free, but shipping will take one or two additional days.

Free one-day delivery:

Subscribers residing in an area where the ZIP coding system is used can benefit from the same-day free delivery feature.

Free delivery at the same time that the commodity is announced:

Subscribers who ordered a commodity before the announcement date will be able to deliver it at the same time as the actual announcement.

Prime Now:

Subscribers living in certain cities and within the scope of the ZIP coding system (where Prime Now service is available) have free delivery within two hours or less which includes thousands of commodities such as pet kits, electronics and food.

Amazon Locker And Amazon Hub:

Amazon Prime subscribers can place the goods in a designated safe place if they do not wish to deliver them to the home or office after ordering them.

the shopping

Prime Early Access feature:

This feature allows Amazon Prime subscribers to learn about the distinct business operations that will take place on the Amazon site 30 minutes before it is shown to the rest.

Amazon Elements:

Subscribers have exclusive access to daily essential products in the special section of Amazon with a focus on high-quality ingredients and a full disclosure of their use, which includes materials such as vitamins and minerals.

Amazon Dash:

Subscribers can get a different set of Dash buttons for the goods they intend to buy, as this button is an easy and fast way that allows Amazon Prime subscribers to reserve an order by clicking on the Dash button to get many goods, such as household cleaners, pet products, snacks, etc.

the food

Prime Pantry:

Subscribers residing in certain locations can shop the daily necessities of the home and the necessary supplies for an additional fee.

Amazon Restaurants:

Subscribers who live in areas within the scope of the ZIP coding system can order meals from the most famous restaurants in that region and deliver them to the home.

Amazon Fresh:

Subscribers can get delivery service from grocery stores for an additional subscription fee for delivery of orders over $ 50 or pay a flat rate for delivery of orders under $ 50.

Whole Food Market Discounts:

Amazon Prime subscribers get additional discounts on all the foods they buy through Prime Party, Amazon Fresh, Prime Now and Amazon services.


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