5 Components of emotional intelligence you need to know!

5 Components of emotional intelligence you need to know!

Are you one of the people who has the ability to deal with the most sensitive social situations.!
Do others feel comfortable and comfortable dealing with you?
This is what psychologists refer to as emotional intelligence, which includes the ability to understand and manage emotions, which plays an important role in success.
To be emotionally intelligent, you need to first learn about the components of emotional intelligence, which are five key components:

First: Self-awareness:
The ability to understand and understand your external emotions, which is an important part of emotional intelligence, extends beyond just acknowledging and understanding your emotions, but being fully aware of their impact on your mood, decisions and other emotions, and who possesses this awareness is the most capable of recognizing your own strengths. He has great confidence in himself and his abilities, and a good sense of humor.

Second: Self-control:
You are now aware of your feelings and their impact on others, but you should be able to organize and manage these emotions. In other words, you have to wait for the right time and place and the best way to express it, become flexible and able to adapt to the winds of change and have the ability to manage conflict, and get rid of tensions.

Third: Social skills:
You must interact well with others … A true emotional understanding involves more than understanding your feelings and those of others, but you should also be able to put this information to deal with daily interactions, and this feature helps you improve your relationships in your career and include some social skills such as listening, communication and persuasion skills.

Fourth: Empathy:
It is very important for emotional intelligence and is your ability to understand how others feel. This requires you to be aware of the emotional situations of others and their reactions, for example when there is a desperate or sad person you have to cooperate with him and deal with him with caution and make your effort to raise his spirits.

Fifth: Motivation:
Self-motivation sits as a key role in emotional intelligence, and is more important than external rewards such as money and fame.
These people have a passion for meeting their internal needs and goals, and always pursue their goals while intensifying their experiences.
They are always looking for the best ways to implement these goals in accordance with their own realization.


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