10 simple tricks to make your day longer


Do you have a lot of backlogs and don’t have time to do it? Do you think you need more time to do all the tasks you need? Managing and organizing time is one of the most difficult things, which is a big problem for everyone, where the person finds himself stuck between a set of works and tasks that he has to accomplish all on time, and the time ends and he has not yet accomplished half of it!
In our article today we have selected a simple set of tricks to help you make your day longer, so that everyone knows how to use their time wisely and organize their day perfectly.

  1. Be organized:
    This advice is undoubtedly the first and most important advice we give to anyone who tries to organize their precious time and make the best use of it. Instead of wasting a lot of time every day searching for your stuff (phone numbers, important papers, office supplies… Etc.). Start the first quarter of your day by organizing the things you need to do your job, in other words, write down the list of tasks you need to do, and then organize and prepare the things you need to accomplish these tasks.
  2. Identify when they are more productive:
    In general, people differ in nature. For example, there is a day-to-day person who likes to do his work during the day, and there is a (night person) who tends to work at night and does not like to work during the day. So you need to know yourself whether you’re a day person or a night?, it makes it easy for you to choose the right time to get your work done, and don’t forget to always put on hard tasks at peak time and activity.
  3. Select the next day’s to-do list the night before:
    Instead of waking up and wasting time identifying tasks and knowing what you need to do, we recommend that at night before bedtime you write your to-do list the next day, set priorities, and of course don’t forget to devote peak time to difficult tasks. You can also do the following experiment:
    Customize a notebook for tasks, and on the day of the holiday, place the book in front of you and start typing your tasks (daily, weekly, monthly). Draw a table with a set of lists, select the tasks required of you, and whenever you accomplish a task, remove them from the book. This notebook will also benefit you greatly whenever you feel frustrated or tired, just by looking at it, you can see how many tasks you’ve done before, to regain your self-confidence.
  4. Start your day an hour in advance:
    If you’re used to waking up at 10 o’clock, how about you try for a week to wake up early, an hour before your usual appointment, prepare a cup of coffee and have it in front of your PC screen, at which time check your email, reply to emails, and post on your own blog. All of these things we call (time flashes), so try to use the first morning hour to do these things.

Set a schedule and stick to it:
As mentioned earlier, selecting your to-do list is something that saves you a lot of time and effort. More importantly, try to stick to this table as much as possible, no matter how many tasks you do, try to accomplish at least one of the tasks specified each day, and day after day you will find that you have accomplished more tasks, until you reach the day you complete all your tasks.

  1. Avoid (time flashes):
    TV, social media, talking on the phone, browsing the web. Etc., all called (time flashes), you may not believe it, but try one day to record the times you spend on these means, to find that they waste too much of your time without any use. Our advice is to devote a specific time to entertainment, and don’t let it steal too much of your precious time.

7- Housework and house cleaning:
Housework takes a lot of time, so just choose one place to clean every day. Devote one day to cleaning the kitchen, the next day for the living room, one day cleaning the bathrooms, another day for vacuum cleaning, and so on.
For example, every woman can try to do some work while doing other tasks, such as putting clothes in the washing machine, arranging a bed or cleaning dishes while preparing a cup of coffee in the morning.

8- Carrying out dual tasks:
Do you have an appointment with the dentist and are expected to wait for half an hour, for example? How about you use this time to perform a second task, such as browsing the web or checking your email. For parents, going to the park with the kids doesn’t stop you from taking time for yourself. You can simply read a book or novel while watching your child swing and play with his friends.
As for the mother, you can ask your children to do their homework while you’re cooking or cleaning dishes, so you can make the most of your time.

  1. Learn to say no:
    Even if you’re sitting at home doing nothing, but you’ve already decided to devote this day to rest and watch TV, and asking you to volunteer for a job or job, you can simply apologize without feeling any embarrassment, you’ve already decided that you deserve a day off after a busy work week. You know you need this vacation to get back to work actively and energetically.

Avoid boycotts:
If you’re working from home, take a time to work, tell family and friends you won’t be free at this time, sit away from the TV, and put your mobile phone away from you.
In normal times, stop email or social media notifications, and as we mentioned, take time for this as well.

Thus, by following these simple steps and tips, you’ll find that you’ve added an hour or two to your day, you can do more tasks, or have fun with your family and kids. Always remember that time is running out and you can’t go back, so try to use every moment of your time with things that are good for you.


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